Summer Update

Here I am finally giving a little update on our life lately! We have been a little crazy around here over the last couple of months. In June, we moved into a new house and have been slowly getting settled. We still have so much to do but it’s coming along!

Liam and I went to Hollytree Country Club with our good friends to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July. This is something we usually do every year but this is the first year Liam was old enough to run around and play.

Will was out of town helping with our church’s youth camp that week and we missed him being with us but we had a good time and Liam loved playing on the driving range while we waited on the fireworks.

They had Pokey O’s food truck out on the driving range while we waited for it to get dark and y’all, this is the best ice-cream sandwich I have ever had. I don’t eat gluten and they have a gluten free chunky chocolate pecan cookie! The ice-cream filling was sea salt and caramel. I am including this because there are not many desserts that I can eat and this was such a good treat!

We get together almost every Sunday night with our best friends, the Burks. In the winter we started going to Sunday night “Soup Night” at Hollytree where they have a variety of soups and a baked potato and salad bar. We went almost every week and the kids would go outside and run around in the tennis court area after we ate. As it got warmer we started doing “Soup Night” at our house so the kids would have longer to play outside.

These two are such good buddies and have had so much fun playing together every week.


A few weeks ago we had the idea to get water tables for both houses so the kids would have something to play with that could help keep them cool. They have loved these so much and are usually soaked by the end of the night.

What’s a summer night if it doesn’t include getting soaked from the water faucet?

A couple of weeks ago, we surprised Will with a family party for his birthday. There was so much going on that I didn’t remember to take many pictures but it was so much fun pulling off the surprise. He didn’t catch on to any of it until a few minutes before the first guests arrived!

We had a nacho and taco bar for dinner and it was all so good!

So basically this is our summer! It has included a lot of water and later nights than usual but has been so much fun! We have had a blast with friends and family this summer and can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of it!

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