Life Lately-Fall Edition

Fall is here! I know…it’s already November but I feel like the weather is just starting to feel like fall. And yes, our Christmas lights are going up any day now. It’s just the best time of the year!

Liam is having the best time this year. He is finally at a good age to understand the holidays and has been really excited by everything.

He especially enjoyed the pumpkin patch at Lane’s Chapel United Methodist Church. They have a great selection of pumpkins every year along with fun activities for the kids. Liam’s favorite part was riding in the wagon with the pumpkins.

I have never been a huge fan of Halloween (although I love all things fall) but having a toddler changes that a little. This year was a lot of fun! Liam loves the Three Little Pigs and his favorite part is when the wolf goes down the chimney so that’s what he wanted to be for Halloween and we found the cutest wolf costume. Unfortunately it stormed pretty badly on Halloween night so he didn’t get to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood but he had a party at daycare and got to trick-or-treat there so he was happy!

This past weekend we celebrated my grandmother (Babbie)’s upcoming 95th birthday!

Its amazing that she will be 95 this week! She is still as independent, sharp, and sassy as she always has been and does not “act her age” one bit. I am so glad we were all able to be there Saturday to celebrate this wonderful lady!

We are still in the midst of potty training at our house. Liam woke up Saturday and decided he was going to commit. He has been doing very well for the last few days and we are hoping this is it! My original thought is that I would share our potty training tips but I’m not sure we can take much credit for his progress. Everything we tried at first did not work. We started out with a seat that goes over the regular toilet seat with a step and he refused to use it after the first couple of times. We stuck with it for a while but finally gave in about 2 weeks ago and bought a little potty since that’s what he uses at school and church. He loved it from the beginning and sat a lot but never went. He woke up Saturday and said he wanted to “go potty” and has been going ever since (with a couple of exceptions). He is still in pull-ups because we aren’t brave enough to switch him to toddler underwear yet but I feel like it’s coming very soon. The end of diapers is so close and we are here for it!


On a funny (now-not at the time) note, this little stinker locked us out of the house yesterday! We were all outside on the back patio watching football and we had chili simmering on the stove for dinner. Liam went inside and before either of us could grab him, he locked the door! We were completely locked out-no key, the door into the garage was even locked and we had a moment of panic, while yelling through the window for him to unlock the door. It was only a minute before he unlocked it but oh my goodness it could have been much more difficult than that! We learned a good lesson and will not be outside without a key or open door somewhere else from now on.

This is basically our life lately. Will is in a very busy season of work so when he is home, we take full advantage of quality family time. We have spent a lot of time at home and playing outside with Liam while the weather has been so nice. I’m excited for Thanksgiving in just a couple of weeks and then let all of the Christmas decorating begin! Until then, Happy Fall!


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