Liam’s 2nd Birthday

This weekend we had Liam’s 2nd birthday party. I am having a lot of feelings over the fact that we have a two year old! How did this happen?? With that being said, we absolutely love this stage with him. If you have ever spent any time with Liam, you know that he is full of personality. He is just the sweetest kid and is truly fun to be around (most of the time, he is a toddler).

Liam has started to love watching golf on TV with Will and it is the cutest thing to listen to his little commentary. We decided to get him a set of toddler golf clubs for his birthday. We gave it to him on his actual birthday so he could play a little and he loved it!

On Saturday, we had Liam’s birthday party and the theme was a backyard cookout. Our friend’s, Zach and Michaela, hosted the party at their house and Zach smoked brisket! They have a beautiful outdoor patio space that is covered, which helped to take away some of the stress over the crazy spring weather we are having.

Along with the brisket, we had all of the cook out essentials: baked beans, potato salad, mac and cheese, kettle chips, and PB&J’s for the kids.¬†We had s’mores that could be done in the fireplace, along with the cookie cake for dessert. The weather was forecasted to be stormy and cool but it turned out to be wonderful weather. It was just cool enough to enjoy a fire in the outdoor fireplace and it did not start to rain until the very end.

Liam loved, well,  mostly the icing off his cookie cake!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the party! He had such a good time running around playing!

And I have to add this picture because, how cute is he smelling the flowers?

Of course, we managed to make it through the entire day without taking a single picture of the three of us together. We just enjoyed visiting with everyone and didn’t think to grab any group photos.

We are so thankful for our friends and family who helped us celebrate Liam’s second birthday. He had so much fun and so did we!


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