Christmas 2018 Recap

So you all remember that one time I decided to write a blog right? I know it has been months since I last posted but I have set goals to do better this year! I’m starting with a Christmas recap. Yes, I know it’s February but my reason for starting a blog was to document our lives and memories with Liam so I definitely want to capture our Christmas season.

We had the best Christmas this year! Liam was very into all of the Christmas traditions and it was fun to watch him really experience the season for the first time! We had a couple of visits to Santa and though he talked a big game, when it came down to it, Liam wanted nothing to do with Santa himself.

This was the best we could do. He let me stand beside Santa but he refused to smile or even look at the camera. Oh well, maybe next year! Look how sweet Santa and Mrs. Claus are!

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house as well as Christmas this year so I was insistent on waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas but Friday morning, the fall decor went into boxes and out came all of the Christmas decor. Liam loved it all so much. This was his third Christmas but he was finally old enough to help a little and he took his job very seriously (thank goodness for shatter proof ornaments)!

This is our favorite place to be and fortunately we have had some mild weather this season so we can be outside in front of the fire a lot.

This Nespresso Machine is our new favorite! We have really enjoyed espresso every day and Will makes a great vanilla latte. I didn’t know when I got a Nespresso for Christmas that it came with my own Barista but I’m not complaining a bit!

We hosted Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our family and had the best time. Christmas Eve was with Will’s side of our family and we had homemade enchiladas with queso, salsa, guacamole, corn dip, rice, and beans. Is there anything better than Mexican food for Christmas? I don’t think so! On Christmas Day, my side of our family came to our house and we had chicken stuffed with crawfish étouffée and all of the sides to go with it. I’m highlighting the food because it was all so good! I was so focused on spending time with our family and having a good time that I didn’t take a single picture on either day (except for Christmas morning). I am determined to be better about taking good pictures this year.

Speaking of Christmas morning, this was breakfast. We made cinnamon rolls and Liam’s face in this picture makes me laugh! I feel the same way about cinnamon rolls, buddy!

Christmas morning was so fun. Liam woke up to a basketball goal in the sunroom and immediately started playing with it. We played basketball until breakfast and then enjoyed our cinnamon rolls and lattes in my new Nespresso machine (Will made me open it on Christmas Eve so we could use it Christmas morning). Will’s mom spent the night so she could spend Christmas morning with us. We opened presents after breakfast and had a nice relaxed morning before my parents and cousins arrived for a late lunch.

It was a great 2 days full of family, fun, and wonderful memories.

Liam got 2 cars for Christmas. Our friends got him this one and my parents got him the other one. I’ll be honest, this picture was taken a few days after Christmas because he was scared of both cars at first and it took about 2 weeks to get him to ride either one. I don’t have a picture of Liam in the car that my parents got him (again, I will get better). He hasn’t taken it outside yet and likes to ride it around the sunroom. It worked out perfectly to have one inside and one outside for the winter months. They will both go outside in the summer.

We ended the Christmas season (as has become our tradition) with a visit to our sweet friends (family), the Kings. It was a great opportunity to unwind and relax before jumping into the New Year.

And just like that, it’s February. How is that even possible? Will and I sat down in January and listed our individual goals as well as our goals as a couple. We put it in writing and added tangible timelines where it was applicable. If you know me, you know I live for a good list and I am so excited to work towards accomplishing all of our goals this year. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a very happy New Year!

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