Life with Liam

Once a month, I plan to do a post that is all about our son, Liam. This little guy is so much fun and keeps us on our toes!

This picture was from New Years Day but it’s one of my favorites!

Liam loves to be in his stroller. One of his favorite things is to go for a run with me in the jogging stroller. Everyday when I pick him up from daycare, the first thing he asks is if we are going to “run…stroller”, which we do a few days a week now that the days are a little longer.

Liam will turn 2 next month and this picture is a good representation of his little personality, always smiling and always running. He loves to be outside and we are really excited for this summer with him!

A couple of weeks ago we went to the zoo. It was one of the first really pretty spring days and we wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather. We took Liam to the zoo a few times last year but he was still too young to really care about the animals. This time though, he loved it. He recognized a lot of the animals and really enjoyed watching the giraffes and elephants. We have a nice zoo in our town. We can get through in about 2 hours or less and it’s the perfect outing for a toddler.

Mr. Independent is our newest phase. He wants to sit in big chairs instead of his high chair and he wants to try to do everything himself first before asking for help. I love to watch him learn new things and am continually amazed at how fast he is growing! Will and I keep saying how much fun each new stage is.  We don’t want to rush him through these early years but we really love how independent he is becoming.

This little guy LOVES books. He will sit and look at books or ask us to read to him before he will play with most of his toys. He has his favorites memorized and can almost “read” them back to us. I am so happy that he loves books and hope that grows into a love of reading as he gets older.

We will have a 2 year old next month, how is that possible??

Hawaii Recap-Part 3

On Wednesday, Will planned to scuba dive first thing in the morning. He got his PADI certification in anticipation of this trip so this was his first time to dive in the ocean.

He had a great experience and can’t wait to go again!

After Will finished scuba diving we ate breakfast at Duo and then headed to the Serenity pool where we stayed until late afternoon. That night both couples planned to have a date night.

Zach and Michaela had reservations at Kō Restaurant at the Fairmont and were excited to try it out.

Will and I opted to stay in and order room service for our date night. We are naturally homebodies so we knew by the end of the week we would be ready for a night in.

I had a gluten free pizza and Will had a burger and fries. We also shared an order of Poke, which is basically a raw fish salad. Everything was so good!

The next day was our last day on the island. We spent the morning packing and then we all walked down to the Shops at Wailea one last time. We checked out of the hotel around noon and headed to Paia which is a little town on the way to Hana and not too far from the airport. We spent a couple of hours exploring the cute little shops there and then we went to Mama’s Fish House for lunch.

Mama’s was absolutely beautiful! We had a wonderful lunch and then headed to the airport.

This sea turtle was on the beach outside of the restaurant!

Our flight home was very smooth and before we knew it we were back in Dallas and at the end of our vacation. This was the first time the four of us have vacationed together so no one really knew what to expect but we all had so much fun and made so many great memories. We are already planning our next trip!

Hawaii Recap-Part 2

On Monday morning Will and I had ocean-side massages scheduled. We started with breakfast at Duo, one of the resort restaurants. We ate there several times for breakfast through-out the week.

We finished breakfast and headed to the spa for our massages. The ocean-side massage is done in a hut overlooking the water and it was incredibly relaxing to hear the sound of the waves crashing. It was by far the best massage experience I have had and I’m so glad we planned it.

After our massages we went for lunch at a burger place at the Shops at Wailea and did  a little more shopping. Then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We made reservations at Merryman’s which is in Kapalua (about a 1 hour drive from our resort). Our reservations were at 6:00 pm so we had to leave early to make sure we were there on time. Zach and Michaela had eaten at Merryman’s before and raved about it so we were really excited to try it out.

This was our view from our table. The views were beautiful even with the clouds covering the sunset.

I love a good scallop dish and these were the best I have had.

They also gave each couple this dessert to celebrate our anniversaries. It was a flourless chocolate cake (Michaela and I are both gluten free) that was so good!

One of the best parts about this trip was all of the amazing food we had, but we all agreed that Merryman’s was our favorite.

Our plan for Tuesday was that the guys were driving back up to Kapalua to play golf at the Plantation Course while us girls planned to lay out at the serenity pool all day. Michaela and I woke up and met to run before heading to the pool.

Of course I have to add a picture of our view from the running trails. I don’t feel like the pictures even do it justice but this was absolutely breathtaking!

We finished running and were both at the pool by 8:30 am. We stayed there until late afternoon. It was all we planned for the day and all we wanted to do was relax, read, and soak up as much sun as possible.

Meanwhile Will and Zach were soaking up sun on the golf course.

The Plantation Course at Kapalua.

That night we all had dinner at Nick’s Fish Market which was at the Fairmont Kea Lani just down the road from the Four Seasons.

Again, the food was absolutely wonderful. Everything was so fresh and full of flavor!

That just about does it for part 2 of the recap. I’ll post the final recap soon!

Hawaii Recap-Part 1

I felt like this was as good a time as any to launch my blog because we just got back from an amazing trip to Hawaii with our best friends. We left our kids at home (in great hands) and spent a week in Maui and it was so good! So here is the recap of our trip.

We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui and I cannot say enough good things about this resort! The customer service, amenities, and food were just amazing! We checked in and were greeted with ginger lemonade and fresh pineapple. We quickly dropped our luggage off in our room and left to explore the resort. Both couples had complimentary champagne in our rooms for our anniversaries (we are both celebrating 6 years this spring/summer). That was such a thoughtful touch.

That night we all ate at Spago which was a restaurant at the resort. We were all exhausted but the food was so good and a great way to kick off the week.


This is the view from our room. On the first morning we sat on the balcony drinking espresso and just took in the beautiful view. We also saw whales that morning!​


We woke up really early on the first day because-jet lag. Michaela and I went for a run and the views were just incredible! ​

This was our first full night and also the night of the Luau. We were all really excited about this but as we were walking from the Four Seasons to the Grand Wailea, where the Luau was held, it started to sprinkle. We didn’t want to risk getting wet, so Michaela and I decided to go to our rooms and get the umbrellas (Thanks Four Seasons for thinking of everything). We met back in the lobby and were walking to the Luau when we came across a pop-up champagne and oyster bar. The waiter asked us if we wanted to try a glass so we decided to be spontaneous and go for it! It was the best champagne either of us have had and look at that view. The guys gave us a hard time for being late to the Luau (according to the schedule, we weren’t late, but they started early) and also for the price of the champagne. Walking back from the Luau the guys got to sample the champagne we had and ended up buying a bottle. It was that good!

We took this trip with our best friends, Zach and Michaela, and it was truly the best week! This is us before the Luau on Saturday night.

​The next day we hit the Shops at Wailea. We shopped for most of the morning and then had Tommy Bahamas for lunch. After lunch, the guys were shopped out so the girls headed up to Lahaina for a little more shopping. We had a great time exploring and the drive was absolutely beautiful. ​

That’s it for part one of the recap. I’ll post part two soon!